Water Restrictions

Johannesburg Water posted an update in their media statement about the current water restrictions.


Thu, 13 Oct 2016


The City of Johannesburg hosted a briefing on the status of water restrictions across the City.Here are the Revised Level 2 water restrictions as from 13 October 2016.

  • The City hereby stipulates that according to section 44(3) of the water services By-law residents are to comply with the following level 2 water restrictions:
    No use of any irrigation or sprinkler system for water of gardens with municipal water.Residents can only use handheld Hosepipe to water their gardens before 06:00am or after 18:00pm.
  • No filling of swimming pools with municipal water.Residents can use borehole water system to do that.
  • No washing of cars and cleaning paved areas with hosepipe using municipal water.

Please read the full media statement for more information and help save water.

Level 2 Water Restrictions have been put in place as of 05 Sep 2016.  Johannesburg Water published their media statement about the matter earlier this month.


Mon, 5 Sep 2016

The City of Johannesburg is required by the Department of Water and Sanitation to reduce its water usage by 15% with immediate effect

Level 2 water use restrictions have been in place in Johannesburg from November 2015. The City is now introducing a water restriction tariff on domestic users effective on water usage from September 2016.


Please view the Johannesburg Water website for some valuble tips on saving water and information relating to the restrictions.