Emergency Numbers

Medical Emergency Number

011 470 7744

LIFCO Community Forum is proud to provide its residents 24-hour access to a Medical Emergency Call Center. This center is based at Life Flora Hospital and run by an outstanding team of Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedics. You do not have to be a LIFCO member to access the service offered.

The Call Center service provides Little Falls and Strubensvalley residents quick access to medical help to reduce delays in getting treatment in life-threatening emergencies. Calls are recorded and immediate telephonic advice given, while an ALS paramedic and Response Vehicle (RV) are dispatched.

The service is based at a center of clinical excellence in trauma, paediatric, vascular and cardiac medicine - among other specialties. There will be no obligation for the client to be taken to Life Flora hospital, however, should their care need escalation.

The Call Center will locate the nearest available ambulance (irrespective of provider: Netcare911, ER24, e.t.c.) and send it to the scene to assist further. This service will eliminate delays and stress in the ‘Golden Hour’. Most ambulance transport fees will be covered by medical aids.

LIFCO wishes to thank the Life Flora RV paramedics for their commitment in protecting and uplifting our residents.

SA Police Service - Honeydew

Emergency: 011 801-8613/4/5
Station Switchboard: 011 801-8400
Station Commissioner: 011 801-8580
Head: Visible Policing 011 801-8596
Head: Detective Branch 011 801-8486
Trauma Unit: 082 448-9337
CPF Office 011 801-8576/7
Community Patrolling Vehicles There are 2 SAPS officers which patrol the area. Their numbers are:
071 675 7107
071 675 7103

Other Emergency Numbers

Security Companies

SRT: 011 675 7071/011 051 6828
BCI: 011 794 1180/82


SAPS (Honeydew): 011 801 8613/4/5
Flying Squad: 10111
Metro Police: 011 375 5911
Ambulance: 10177
Netcare 911: 082-911
Fire Brigade: 011 375 5911
Dog Unit: 011 473 6212
SAPS Crime Stop: 0860-0-10111
City of Johannesburg: 011 375 5911