Fibre Helps our Security

Written by Tanya

After several months of disruptions to our suburbs, we are delighted to advise that fibre installation to our homes is gathering pace.


LIFCO (Little Falls and Strubensvalley Residents Association) has been collaborating with several leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and want to offer significant limited-time specials to existing and new LIFCO members.


By ordering your FttH through iConnect, a ‘commission’ of R 300 towards data will be donated to LIFCO. If you go with any other ISP on the Vuma network the donation will be R 120. Vumasafe will multiply the donation received by up to 2 times, based on the number of residents utilising the Vuma network.

This donation will be used by Vumasafe to contribute towards the costs of bandwidth, together with paying for new CCTV cameras at both entrances.

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Fibre Roll-Out Projects: Update 3

Written by Riaan Niewoudt

Dear LIFCO community,


We are pleased to provide you with the third status update on the two fibre projects currently being rolled out in our area. The wheels are rolling well on both sides, and in the not-too-distant future, we will all have access to world-class internet!


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Fibre Comes to Town

Written by Riaan Niewoudt

Written by Riaan Nieuwoudt (LIFCO Telecoms Committee)


It is with great excitement that we would like to share with you that our residential area is currently receiving optical fibre infrastructure installation.

The purpose of this note is to educate people that might not know what optical fibre is, explain the advantages of fibre over copper transmission, and then further expand on the roll-out of the fibre in our areas.

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