Fibre Helps our Security

Written by Tanya

After several months of disruptions to our suburbs, we are delighted to advise that fibre installation to our homes is gathering pace.


LIFCO (Little Falls and Strubensvalley Residents Association) has been collaborating with several leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and want to offer significant limited-time specials to existing and new LIFCO members.


By ordering your FttH through iConnect, a ‘commission’ of R 300 towards data will be donated to LIFCO. If you go with any other ISP on the Vuma network the donation will be R 120. Vumasafe will multiply the donation received by up to 2 times, based on the number of residents utilising the Vuma network.

This donation will be used by Vumasafe to contribute towards the costs of bandwidth, together with paying for new CCTV cameras at both entrances.

This bandwidth will be used to support existing cameras and further camera installations.
In addition, the new cameras will include the software for number-plate recognition. The monitoring will be done by Vumasafe together with our existing resident security companies.


If you commit now it would allow LIFCO to have the above in place, and put us in a position to go ‘live’ shortly.


The number-plate recognition security system will be of great benefit to all LIFCO members.


Now we need more residents to join LIFCO. Contributions start at a modest R 50 p/m. We cannot succeed without everyone’s buy-in! Thus far we have achieved so much with a few members - let us do so much more now! As further membership funds are received, LIFCO will add to the camera base so that our entire two suburbs are monitored 24/7 from our planned Control Room that will be located in the Strubensvalley Shopping Centre.


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