Fibre Roll-Out Project: Update 2

Written by Riaan Niewoudt

Dear LIFCO community,

It has been a while since our last update on the progress of the fibre roll-out project in our community, and it is time to provide you with some tidbits of information.



Second fibre network: Fibrehoods/Vumatel

Earlier this year we were approached by Fibrehoods, who were also starting site surveys in our area for their fibre roll-out. This is great news for us, as we will eventually be in the fortunate position to have the choice between two networks when applying for fibre to the home (FTTH) access.

A couple of quick facts:

  • Fibrehoods generally won’t be trenching, and will instead be running their fibre along power lines and poles that they are allowed to plant.
  • Where they need to trench, they will engage with residents to ensure a solution is found that suits all.
  • They will provide us with their roll-out plans as well as the names of their installers, so that we are not caught unawares.
  • Their roll-out will happen in three phases, and upon the completion of a phase, the residents in that area’s fibre can go live.

Fibrehoods are very proactive and have nearly completed their site surveys, but have asked us to help them get in contact with the following complexes:

  1. Ballymore (803 Kettlespout)
  2. Cardiff Arms (1026 Inanda Ave)
  3. Kingspark (832 Cascades Rd)
  4. Mia’s Place (822 Cascades Rd)
  5. Monte Negro (766 Rainbow Crescent)
  6. Mountain View
  7. Murrayfield (near 816 Augrabies Ave)
  8. Parklands (1021 George St)
  9. Pennington (897 Pennyweight Ave)
  10. Rainbow Crescent (768 Rainbow Crescent)
  11. Twickenham

We ask that if you live in one of these complexes and would like to provide Fibrehoods access, that you please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your contact details, and we’ll can pass it on to Fibrehoods’ Complex Liaison Officer. If you send us the contact details of someone else in that complex, please ensure that you have obtained their permission to do so first!

Lastly, they have marked pole positions with red spraypaint in the portion of our area as shown in the image below, and would like residents to take a look and ensure that they are happy with the placement before they start digging.


Phase 1 PoleMarkings

Openserve & Huawei

Unfortunately we have not received any updates regarding the roll-out of the Openserve fibre, but expect to have something within the next two weeks. It would be safe to assume that their project will be completed well after the initial estimated completion time of mid-March.

What is LIFCO’s role in all of this?

We feel the need to express that LIFCO is merely acting as an interface between whichever fibre providers enter our area, and our only goal is to facilitate the flow of information between the installers and our community. We are in no way to be associated with either fibre supplier.

Furthermore, following some unhappiness after directly contacting complexes to fill out the Openserve access form, we will no longer do so and henceforth proceed as follows:

  • We provide a link to download the Openserve Access Form on our website . This form is only for complexes, gated communities, estates, etc. and not stand-alone houses.
  • The onus is placed on the trustees or residents of each complex interested in having the installation done to download the form themselves, fill it out, and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once again, if you’re not supplying your own information, please obtain the permission of the person whose details you are supplying on the form.
  • We will pass this form on to Openserve only, and no one else.

This is all the information that we currently possess, and will send out another notification as soon as we receive a heads-up that official roll-out is starting.

We hope that everyone is just as excited as we are about these projects!

Warm regards,

The LIFCO Executive Committee