Green Belt - Fence Off

The dream was to close off the open area between Christiaan De Wet avenue and Witwatersrand area, to stop vagrants and squatters open access to our area.  That dream has now become a reality thanks to the support of everyone involved!


Special thanks to Shaun Niemand for the great support that he has provided to the Greenbelt fence project as he donated the fence poles and other materials.  The estimated costs for the donated material is about R 10,000.  We would also like to thank Hennie for running the project efficiently and the support he has provided.


Latest Update




The past few weeks saw the installation of a fence on top of the greenbelt area bordering Christiaan de Wet Road.

Because of such amazing community involvement – the fence is now complete, thus securing our suburb from Christiaan de Wet.

A subcommittee for this area now needs to be established. This committee will need to come up with a workable plan to:

  • Monitor the flow of people using this entrance to and from our suburb.
  • Have lighting installed that would make the total area visible in the evenings.
  • Arrange a fundraising initiative to have surveillance cameras installed to monitor the fence and any potential untoward activity in area. The cameras will form part of the existing camera network and is to be monitored by SRT.
  • Ensure the continuous maintenance and housekeeping of this area.






The fence assembly is done!

Thanks to Max for welding 8 hours a day in 30°C heat and to Shaun for supplying the original poles and everything else we needed!  We would also like to thank Vision Tools supplying consumables and cement.

It is now just the finishing, gates and painting that need to be done!  The plan is to have the fence 100% completed by end of next week.

2016 10 03 greenbelt 032016 10 07 greenbelt 012016 10 07 greenbelt 02

2016 10 03 greenbelt 022016 10 03 greenbelt 01




The greenbelt fence project is taking shape and thanks for the continued support. This is the first step towards reclaiming the area.


From LIFCO, we would like to thank the support from everyone involved and the fence is the first step towards reclaiming the greenbelt area. The area is used as a through fare by workers in the suburb, vagrants and including criminals. The workers are excited that the area is being secured. We have found cable sleeves which could be potential cable theft and also the plastic bottles for recycling (environmental hazard). Together we can achieve more.


2016 09 29 greenbelt 012016 09 29 greenbelt 022016 09 29 greenbelt 032016 09 29 greenbelt 04 




Markus Steyn and his team from Geometric Surveys (011 462 2308) surveyed a plan for us to submit for approvals (at no charge!)




One of our residents has offered to donate the foundation poles and another has razor wire available for us at cost! :D
So we're investigating costs and local municipality procedures to get formal approvals.