Green Belt - Outdoor Gym & Park

The dream is to create an outdoor gym/workout area and children’s park.  


Latest Update




LIFCO has had very constructive discussions with Mike Shomalistos, the owner of the Strubensvalley shopping centre.

  • Mike has offered to make a section of his stand (presently the old builders’ yard) available to LIFCO for:
  • Secure parking for the residents that want to make use of the “outdoor gym” and or also utilise the greater park for running, cycling, walking dogs (on a leash) etc.
  • Construct an outdoor gym area.
  • Install a Kiddies playground.
  • Have CCTV cameras installed and monitored on a 24/7 basis by SRT.

The idea is to have a secure fenced area exclusively for the use of the residents.  A secure turnstile gate will be installed.

We are grateful to Mike that he offered to be part of this exciting project – it is such a generous offer!

Mike is presently finalising discussions with Spar Head Office for the upgrading of the present Spar shop.

We will keep you updated.

We are grateful to Mike for his commitment to both our plans and the community as a whole!  In ongoing meetings with him (this week we already had two meetings), more details will emerge and a sub-committee will be formed to handle this phase of the project.





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