Camera Update

We would like to give you an update on security around the area.

Mike, the owner of the Strubensvalley Shopping centre, together with Nicolas, the owner of the Spar Strubensvalley, are instrumentally working with LIFCO with regards to upgrading the security in their centre as well as on the street corners surrounding the centre.

They will be putting PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras on Fredenharry and Cascades to monitor the entrances to the centre and the section of the road along Cascades and Fredenharry.  The cameras will cover the unemployed and vagrants on both streets.

The entrance to the greenbelt area from Cascades will also be covered.


CCTV Cameras

The original idea was to have IP Cameras hosted in strategic points in our area, continuously recording activities. This means building a wireless network to stream video to a central recording server, so that we can gain footage of crime and potentially track suspicious movements.


LIFCO never laid out any capital for these cameras, but structured a deal with a supplier of the cameras where they would sell advertising space on the camera poles which would ultimately cover their capital outlay.


We have received numerous complaints about the surveillance cameras not working in the best way for the community and we've been told that a camera system, like this, only works if monitored by people in a central command center, 24x7... Part of a 24x7 service ensures that the cameras and recording equipment is continuously operational and dependable.


Latest Update




  • We are happy to report that they are all up and running and monitored by SRT.
  • Trevor Williams, the owner of Surveillance Security and ICT Architects SA will handle the installation and maintenance of the extra cameras that are to be rolled out.
  • We are presently in discussions with WIRUlink to handle the networking infrastructure. At present because of our hilly terrain it is a challenge to have efficient footage.  WIRUlink have sufficient network base stations. This would result in our whole suburb receiving network coverage.