Camera Update

We would like to give you an update on security around the area.

Mike, the owner of the Strubensvalley Shopping centre, together with Nicolas, the owner of the Spar Strubensvalley, are instrumentally working with LIFCO with regards to upgrading the security in their centre as well as on the street corners surrounding the centre.

They will be putting PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras on Fredenharry and Cascades to monitor the entrances to the centre and the section of the road along Cascades and Fredenharry.  The cameras will cover the unemployed and vagrants on both streets.

The entrance to the greenbelt area from Cascades will also be covered.

At the back of the centre will be cameras overlooking the back entrance to the Spar as well as the Post Office area.

Mike will also clean the open stand bordering Boxman and the greenbelt.

The instruction to proceed with installations has been given to LIFCO and Multi Secure Corp to proceed immediately with the installation.

All these cameras will be linked to BCI.  BCI have agreed to monitor and respond to these cameras at no cost!

BCI will have a dedicated monitor for the new cameras together with the PTZ camera facing Kentucky.  LIFCO have added a camera added to the PTZ pole which is now specifically monitoring the informal trading taking place at the Fredenharry entrance.

On behalf of LIFCO and the community we would like to thank BCI, Mike and the Spar (Nic) for their continued commitment to service delivery and the safety of the Little Falls and Strubensvalley residents.