CCTV Cameras

The original idea was to have IP Cameras hosted in strategic points in our area, continuously recording activities. This means building a wireless network to stream video to a central recording server, so that we can gain footage of crime and potentially track suspicious movements.


LIFCO never laid out any capital for these cameras, but structured a deal with a supplier of the cameras where they would sell advertising space on the camera poles which would ultimately cover their capital outlay.


We have received numerous complaints about the surveillance cameras not working in the best way for the community and we've been told that a camera system, like this, only works if monitored by people in a central command center, 24x7... Part of a 24x7 service ensures that the cameras and recording equipment is continuously operational and dependable.


Latest Update




  • We are happy to report that they are all up and running and monitored by SRT.
  • Trevor Williams, the owner of Surveillance Security and ICT Architects SA will handle the installation and maintenance of the extra cameras that are to be rolled out.
  • We are presently in discussions with WIRUlink to handle the networking infrastructure. At present because of our hilly terrain it is a challenge to have efficient footage.  WIRUlink have sufficient network base stations. This would result in our whole suburb receiving network coverage.





We are proud to announce that we added more cameras to our surveillance efforts in combating crime in our neighbourhood. This was done in the past week.


The following streets are now under surveillance:
1. Entrance to Cascades from Hendrik Potgieter road 2 Cameras
2. Victoria road on the corner of Cascades 2 cameras
3. Mac Mac road 2 Cameras
4. BP garage 3 cameras
5. Ribbon road the Entrance to The Gallery complex 2 Cameras.


The following streets will have cameras soon.
1. Forest
2. Almond Rock
3. Fredenharry
4. Witwatersrand at the green belt
5. Additional cameras in Ribbon street. This was a residence initiative. SRT will provide the monitoring at no cost due to the fact that more than 80% of the residence are SRT clients.
6. Lisbon Avenue 2 cameras


SRT and LIFCO are currently busy with an initiative to organise cameras for Montrose Avenue.

Montrose Avenue and Ribbon are also actively being patrolled by mountain guards. SRT Security provides Armed Response to any of those guards who needs assistance. This has been done during the last 4 years.


A project initiated by LIFCO to secure the greenbelt entrance at Christiaan de Wet to our area will be launched in future. This will encompass the erection of a palisade fence with a single rotating gate and a camera which will be erected to safeguard the fence and gate from vagrants. This camera will be monitored by SRT Security and Armed Response officers will ensure that this high risk entry point is secured.



Ownership has been taken of all IP camera assets and the system is now in LIFCO's control. Additional pole and cameras are being installed along Cascades, currently.



We are trying to resolve issues pertaining to the stability, reliability and value of this project.