The Lakes

The dream is to upgrade THE LAKES PARK on Horseshoe street.


This park forms part of the greater greenbelt area and is situated on the western boundary of the lake.


Latest Update


Wynand - 03/11/2016


Week 4


With nearly a month down we are on track for our official "opening" on the 3rd of December! The clean-up is going well and the frame is going up! The roof will be up by Friday!

The weeks to come we will be finishing off the gazebo, completing the de-reeding of cattail and ensuring the area around the lakes is clean. We will also be giving our jungle gym another fresh coat of teak oil and wrapping up any additional paint work required.


Week 3


Week 3 we pegged out the foundation of the new gazebo, filled the bottom with some rubble, compacted that and started laying the slab. Everything is taking shape nicely.

The four supporting legs were planted and we are now awaiting the construction of the rest of the gazebo.

More clean-up commenced around the lakes, as well as the removal of the excess rubble.


Week 2


With the fence project along Christiaan de Wet slowing down, we were able to get more help on the ground. The guys started deconstructing the old damaged structure at the lakes to make space for the new one. Within the week we will be in a position to start getting the new gazebo in place.


Further to the deconstruction there’s also been a lot of movement and support from the community offering their help, equipment and tools in ensuring the project is a success!


Earthworks continues at the sand yard and looking much improved.

Week 1


After our initial meeting at The Lakes our first meeting kicked off with a bang! The clean-up operations started with guys clearing out the old balustrade surrounding the front side of the lakes and removing the overgrowth of reeds and cattail along the sides.


We have also removed all the rotting sleeper wood and filled it up with sand.


Mike from the Spar shopping centre also committed in ensuring the sand yard area is restored and contributed in excess of R 200,000.00 for the earth moving equipment and rubble removal!


Our workers on the ground also painted the palisade fencing and continued cleaning up the area.






This project was kick-started on Tuesday, 11 October 2016.  The plan is to complete this project before the end of November 2016.  The more we all get involved, the more likely it will be to realise this vision.


The project coordinator is Wynand Vorster (one of the residents bordering the park).


Wynand, together with his committee, is planning to have the following in place:

  • Upgrade the walkway that is presently unsafe because of the rotten wood. The area will be covered in lawn.

  • Maintain and beautify the present playground equipment.

  • Paint the palisade fence.

  • The present unsafe gazebo will be upgraded so that it can be used by the residents as a "clubhouse".

  • This park and clubhouse will be used by LIFCO for our community meetings, functions etc. It is central, and so beautiful.

  • Installation of four braais for use by the residents on designated days.

  • Install extra rubbish bins and benches around the park.

  • Clean and de-reed the dam.

  • Build a jetty that can be used by the residents for fishing (strictly catch and release!).

  • A toilet is mooted for the park.

The repair of the dam wall will be a project for 2017. Any suggestions/expertise in achieving this will be greatly appreciated!