Latest Announcements

Latest Announcements
  • LIFCO Family Festival - 27 Oct 2018

    LIFCO Family FestivalLIFCO Family Festival

    Date: Saturday, 27 Oct 2018

    Time: 10h00 - 15h00

    Venue: Strubensvalley Shopping Centre


    We will provide more details about the event on this page over the next couple of weeks. 



  • Camera Update

    We would like to give you an update on security around the area.

    Mike, the owner of the Strubensvalley Shopping centre, together with Nicolas, the owner of the Spar Strubensvalley, are instrumentally working with LIFCO with regards to upgrading the security in their centre as well as on the street corners surrounding the centre.

    They will be putting PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras on Fredenharry and Cascades to monitor the entrances to the centre and the section of the road along Cascades and Fredenharry.  The cameras will cover the unemployed and vagrants on both streets.

    The entrance to the greenbelt area from Cascades will also be covered.


  • Fibre Helps our Security

    After several months of disruptions to our suburbs, we are delighted to advise that fibre installation to our homes is gathering pace.


    LIFCO (Little Falls and Strubensvalley Residents Association) has been collaborating with several leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and want to offer significant limited-time specials to existing and new LIFCO members.


    By ordering your FttH through iConnect, a ‘commission’ of R 300 towards data will be donated to LIFCO. If you go with any other ISP on the Vuma network the donation will be R 120. Vumasafe will multiply the donation received by up to 2 times, based on the number of residents utilising the Vuma network.

    This donation will be used by Vumasafe to contribute towards the costs of bandwidth, together with paying for new CCTV cameras at both entrances.


  • CoJ Billing

    In an effort to assist residents, we have created a form on our website to assist in escalating issues which have been lodged with CoJ but have not been resolved within 2 months of the original complaint.  These submissions will be sent to our Ward Councillor, Carl Mann, on a regular basis in an effort to assist him with escalating the matter on your behalf. 




  • The Lakes

    The dream is to upgrade THE LAKES PARK on Horseshoe street.


    This park forms part of the greater greenbelt area and is situated on the western boundary of the lake.


    Latest Update


    Wynand - 03/11/2016


    Week 4


    With nearly a month down we are on track for our official "opening" on the 3rd of December! The clean-up is going well and the frame is going up! The roof will be up by Friday!

    The weeks to come we will be finishing off the gazebo, completing the de-reeding of cattail and ensuring the area around the lakes is clean. We will also be giving our jungle gym another fresh coat of teak oil and wrapping up any additional paint work required.